10 Cool tips and tricks for a perfect Google Search

If we talk about today’s times and ask you who is your best friend what would be your reply? Well, practically looking at it I would reply, “Google”. No matter what I do, Where ever I am stuck, Google always comes for a rescue. This is not just mine but everyone’s story. Google is there to tell you any recipe, any address, coffee shops near you, birth and death anniversary of famous people, History of a particular place, and whatnot. Google is a huge ocean of information. But that exactly creates a slight problem. You get so much information, but you don’t know where exactly to go. Right? When you want particular, specific information mostly it gets difficult to find it in one go on Google. Well, it is difficult but definitely not impossible. If you know some quick search tips and tricks on Google, You can search for anything and everything specific. For example, if you want only PDF Files you can have them, If you are confused between “This or that” you can search accordingly. And so on. So here are these 10 cool Tips and Tricks for google search which will help you in your Search Game : 1. Related sites: So many times you are searching for something related to something. For instance, you are searching for sites related to Facebook. So all you have to do is, Just write on the search bar Related:Facebook.com . And you will see a list of sites that are similar to or related to Facebook. You can apply this to any site that you want. You just have to write related: and the site name.com and you are sorted. Try this. :

2. File Type: This is useful for all the people who are searching for documents online. Many times we are looking for some documents in a particular file type. When we search for it just by writing the topic and file type we may not get the best results and still there will be few other results as well. But if you want a specific doc file or a PDF file, This is what you can do. All you have to do is, For Example, you are searching document related to Communication studies, here you go. Type - Communication Studies filetype:Pdf Just type the subject, give a space, give a : sign, and type the file type. You will get only specific results.

3. Nearby: This trick will help you to find places nearby your location or you’re desired location. So let’s assume that you are in an unknown place and you are searching for a coffee shop there. All you have to do is - type whatever you are searching and write nearby just after that and search, you will get the results of what you are searching for your nearby. For Example Type Coffee shop Nearby in the google search bar, and see the results.

4. Using search operators: So when you are searching for something particular, these operators as in + and - Signs are really helpful. So for example, if you want all the articles about Sushant Singh Rajput that are written by only India Today, all you have to do is, Type - Sushant Singh Rajput +India Today and you will see the results. You can apply this for any and everything that you want to search for.

5. Title search: So if you want to search for something particular that is written in the title, you can use this trick. All you have to do is, type Intitle give a : then space and write anything that you are searching for. For Example - Intitle: Modi

You can use this trick for URL as well. All you have to replace ‘Title’ with ‘URL’ Example - InURL: Modi 6. This or That: If you are searching for particularity two things Where you want the result in “This or That” format, you can use this trick. All you have to do is. Type: example - Chocolate OR Vanilla Make sure you write OR all in capital letters. Here is the result :

Now that we got to know some cool fun tricks, here are some basic tips for a Perfect Google Search - 7. Keep it Simple: While searching on google, keep your sentences simple. Do not use extra words, Write exactly what you are searching for. Try not to write full sentences. Go for Keywords. They will give you the best results. So if you want to search about How can I grow my Instagram audience? Instead of writing the full sentence, all you can type is - “Tips for Instagram Growth” or “Instagram Growth” 8. Gradually add search terms: If you can not find what you want in one go, gradually add your search terms. So for example - If you search for “jobs Online” and did not get the results that you want, then search for - “Search Online Jobs” - “How to search for Online jobs” - “Search for online writing jobs.” Etc. It will help you to reach your perfect result. 9. Use KeyWords: Keywords are the best way to have a perfect Google Search, As you all know Google works on SEO, so these keywords help you to find the perfect result. If you are looking for a Content Writing Job You can Search for Jobs in Content Writing, CopyWriting, Creative Content

10. Use search tools: Use search tools effectively, When you go for Google search, there you can find some search tools like Images, Maps, Shopping, Videos, News, etc. You can choose them according to your need. Also, there is a separate “Tool” section below the search bar, there you can select the time frame, Like if you are searching for the content that is published in the last 24 hours, Past hour, or one week before or so. By this, you can have a perfect search for the latest updates.

So these were the quick 10 tips and tricks, that will help you to have a more hassle-free Google search. And it will save a lot of your time as well. Do try them. I hope they will help you out. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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