How to generate content ideas?

“I am blank”, “What do I do?”, “What to write for the next blog?” Sound familiar? Right? Happens with all content creators, Content writers very often. We have to do so many brain exercises to charge up our brain so that it will generate some out of the box Ideas. Studies show that If you do one brain exercise a day or play one brain game a day, you can increase your creativity by 60% Isn’t that amazing? So today I will share 3 exercises that are tried and tested. And with the help of these 3 exercises, you will be able to come up with ‘N’ no. of exiting content ideas. So have a look at it : 1. Write Down Everything: This is the best way to Generate Ideas. Every morning when you make your To-Do list, Do write whatever there is in your mind. There are the chances that these ideas were in your mind locked up somewhere, but thankfully with this method, you can find them. Just grab a pen and paper and write down everything that is going on in your mind. 2. Make Google your best friend: Read... Read... Read... I am not just saying that read-only physical books. Read so many articles, blogs, and websites about your niche. Just go on Google, type keywords regarding your niche, and go through all the articles and blogs. Think about the points that are mentioned there. Always remember never to take any Idea as it is. Whenever you get an idea from any source, While presenting it like yours always have your own flavor to it. Always give your own thought and research to it. Only then it will turn out to be a great piece of content. Because you never ever want to do plagiarism right? 

3. Youtube Videos: While many of us use this platform for entertainment and to pass our time, this can be a great source for generating ideas. You just have to go to youtube, type the keywords regarding the content you want to write about. And Search. Watch the videos, and learn from them. While watching these videos make Ideas List out of it. And you are sorted. Apart from these follow those people on Instagram regarding your niche who creates valuable content. Who offers something good for your brain, and from whom you can learn so many new things. Generating out of the box ideas can take your time, but it is worth it. Do try these methods. Hope they will be helpful. - Niharika P. Sarwate

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