4 ways to Improve your writings for Social Media

You must have been writing for Social Media for so long. And still many of you must have been struggling with lesser engagement and lesser reach. This might be happening because of your writings on Social Media. If you improve these writings, no one can stop you from acing your writing game. What are the major mistakes we do, when it comes to Social Media Writing? 1. Long paragraphs 2. Heavy Language 3. Boring Headlines 4. Writing formally. To avoid these mistakes. There are a few things that we have to keep in mind. 1. Short and Crisp: Your content must be short and crisp and you need not write a huge bunch of content, where readers have to search for key points. Most of the time when we write huge paragraphs, readers get bored and they leave your post and move ahead. To stop that you have to divide your content into parts. and present it in a “Point to Point” manner. With this people will be more than happy to read your whole caption. Also, they won’t feel heavy after reading it.

2. Simple Language: Many people think that if they write in high-quality English, with complicated words and phrases, people will get impressed. They are making the biggest mistake here. We have to keep in mind that we are writing for the masses. So many people will come and read your post, they may or may not have that high-quality knowledge regarding the language. So to reach out to more and more people we have to write in their language, the language which will connect them to our content, the language they understand better.

3. Head-Turning Headlines: The first line of your post matters the most. If people find it interesting then only they will click on “READ MORE” and read the entire caption, Otherwise, they will move ahead. To grab their attention you have to spend a lot of time thinking about your caption. You must have seen a few posts like “Do you know the secret of…” or “4 Ways to build confidence” or “5 Ways to lose weight” etc. This creates a huck, where readers will come and get excited to know about exactly what you are talking about. And they will read the entire caption, Engage on your posts, and admire your work.

4. Talk to your Friend Rule: From our childhood, we have been taught that we must write in a particular formal manner, We never taught how to write informally or friendly. On Social Media, you have to write as if you are talking to your friends. Because if you write your captions formally, you will lose the flavor of it and your true essence of writing. So write in a casual and conversational way, people will be more than happy to consume your content.

These points may look basic, But they play a huge role in increasing your engagement, getting more followers to your profile, and building your community. It is never late to change a few strategies, apply them, and test them for good results. Crisp wiring will always benefit you, no matter what. Cheers, Happy Writing.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate

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