5 Social Media Growth secrets that you need to know NOW!!!

Have you ever wondered how ? Just how these influencers, and people who are famous on Social Media have huge following? How 100k, 200k People follow them? What is the secret behind that? Have you ever thought about this? Well, there are some celebrities who already have fan following like Bollywood and Television stars or singers, or some other celebrities. But there are some people just like you and me, who have no specific background, who are just doing some good job on social media and that’s why they have this huge following. Trust me social media is one thing that can take you to another level, If you use it correctly. Well I am having 950 following on Instagram and 81 subscribers on Youtube also 1.4K following on Facebook . Why I am sharing my original numbers with you because I don’t want to lie and want to tell you that Social Media Growth is not a cake walk.

You have to put a lot of effort, and creativity, time and energy to use this power at its best. Hence today I want to share what I have understood through learnings. I got 400 new genuine followers in the last 2 months, and I am already seeing the results, so sharing this growth secret with you.

This article will help the beginners the most so make sure you read it till the end. Today I will share those 5 secrets with you that will help you to grow your social media platforms.

1. Choose the correct platform: As per your niche the first rule of your social media growth is to choose the correct platform. If you are an intellectual or a journalist or an author, Twitter will be the best platform for you to express your thoughts, or to engage with like minded people, If you are a coach or beauty blogger or a social media strategist or a lifestyle blogger then Instagram and Youtube are the best platform for you, If you are a writer, or you are into content writing then Linkedin and pinterest are the best along with the Instagram and Youtube. You should always have a mix and match of all these platforms. Just make sure you will be the most active on the platform that is the best as per your targeted audience.

2. Put a lot of time in research and create valuable content: I talk about it many times, Creating a lot of good value content will be the ladder of your social media growth. People follow you for a reason, if they are getting nothing from you, they will never follow you, or unfollow you if they did at the first place, So put out some amazing content which will helpothers to grow as well, trust me you can never grow alone, you have to help people to grow only then your growth is possible. Also make sure that you are super creative while creating this valuable content.

3. Be consistent: If you come once in a while out of the blue moon, be there, and vanish away it won’t work for you. Social Media is all about algorithms, If you are not consistent these platforms will not show your profile on others timeline, you have to be constantly active to be recognised. If you feel that you will grow even if you are not active on these platforms, trust me it can happen only with CHANDLER not with normal people. Hope you understood what I mean.

4. Engagement : Again it is a part of algorithm, If you don't engage with your audience through comments or shares, or saves, these platforms will not recognise you as a human. You need to increase your engagement, The more valuable content you will come up with, the more Engagement you will have. Always reply to each and every comment that you get, try to start a healthy conversation in the comments section, try to understand what your audience wants from you through their DM’s and Comments, Try to create content which is sharable and savable. It works wonders. This is my self experience.

5. Analyze and Optimize : These Social Media platforms provide you a lot of analytical data regarding your profile, These detailed analytics can help you to understand your audience better, By this data you will come know about your posts that performed so well, or about those posts that failed, it will tell you a lot about your audience demographics. Just analyze and optimize this data, and take decisions accordingly. It may take time to understand this and take action accordingly, but once you win this no one can stop you from having a huge growth on your profile. It is not at all rocket science. All you need is a lot of patience, Creativity and a few skills. If you have them you can surely grow on these social media platforms. Quality, Consistency, Engagement, Analysation, optimizations are the key points that you need to consider when you think about social media growth, always remember how many people follow you is not your growth, Why are they following you and how are you helping them matters the most. Grow your social media platforms with a motive to help others. And then there will be no “Look Back” for you. Cheers and All the best for your Social Media Growth, Niharika Pole Sarwate

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