5 Tips to become a financially successful Person

When we talk about finance most of the time these numbers haunt us. Our salaries, our spendings, our saving, miscellaneous expenses these all are the numbers that are the major reason for our worries. But if we plan things at first, Make some basic ground rules for ourselves and strictly follow a few things, we can manage things, even with a small salary or income. And with that, we will be able to become financially successful people. So here are these 5 quick tips that will help you to become one.

1. Know your worth and spend accordingly: Now most of the time, we ourselves don’t know our own worth. We settle for a lesser salary and then later on we crib about being broken. So before even joining any job, know the basic standards of the market, what kind of salary is being offered to the same position in other organizations. Once you know your worth you will be able to get the correct salary. You will not under or overestimate yourself. Now it seems very easy at first but it is difficult and many people struggle with this. When you get a correct salary, plan your spendings accordingly.

2. Having a side hustle: I can not emphasize this more. Looking at todays situation it is a necessity nowadays to have a backup plan, A side hustle which you can turn into a fulltime profession when the time is correct. It helps you to earn more and, to look at a bigger perspective. It will give you the confidence and a sense of fulfillment that you might be craving for so long. Think about your skills, and without wasting any time just start investing a part of your energy and time into your side hustle. The earlier you start the bigger your achievement will be.

3. Having a saving plan: I have talked about it many times, Having a saving plan will save a lot of your time and energy. Consult an expert, Talk to the authorities, and work on your saving plan. Do not depend on your job or income that you are making. Think about the bigger picture. COVID Pandemic is the best example of uncertainty. Again the earlier you start preparing the more benefits you will get.

4. Minimalism is the key: Minimalism is the concept behind the most financial success stories. You do not need a lot of expensive things or lifestyle to have a fulfilling life. With the best quality but the minimal things, you can not just survive but lead a good life. This is a myth that the richer you get the more expenses you have to make to maintain that lifestyle. You can plan things keeping minimalism in mind and trust me it will be super healthy for your financial success.

5. Keep checking your expenses and savings: This is one habit that everyone must follow. Keep on checking your expenses and savings, which will give you a clear picture of where are you financially. Till you don’t have family or financial responsibilities is the best time for your savings. Enjoy life but at the same time think about the future. It will prepare you for the upcoming responsibilities.

These tips look basic, But if you implement it well, no one can stop you from living a financially fulfilling and stress-free life. I hope that made some sort of sense. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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