5 Ways to boost your CONFIDENCE so you can achieve your Dream Life

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong.” —Peter McIntyre

Have you ever had a dream where you Imagine yourself, enjoying the life that you have always wanted? I do it, every day, every night. But what is the right path to reach to that DREAM LIFE? Where, you feel the best about yourself, about others, and altogether about life? Answers can be many, Your Skillset, Your Knowledge, your education but most importantly your “Confidence”. You must have seen many people who may not have a kickass background or too high knowledge but they are Confident enough to make a difference. So the “KEY” to reach that dream life is “CONFIDENCE”. It is so important to be confident about what you are doing Because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else ever will. I know many people who want to do something new, Maybe they want to come on camera and talk about themselves and their work, Maybe they want to start a new blog, Maybe they want to switch their company and achieve a higher position or maybe they want to decide on their careers, but they are not confident enough and then they miss out on the golden opportunities in their life. It is always okay to make mistakes, What is not okay to fear about them, and not to take that step ahead. So In today’s blog, I want to share the 5 best ways with which you can boost your confidence and achieve your dream life.

1. Stop talking Negative about yourself: Have you ever heard yourself while you talk about yourself? If you talk things like “I am not good at it..”, “I know I need to improve”, “I am fat”, “I can’t do it.” you will start believing in them. And if you believe in those things, others will too. Slowly this will make you underconfident and you will not be able to achieve that you want to and you deserve. So the first thing to boost your confidence is to stop talking negatively about yourself. Stop that right now.

2. Don’t be shy of being YOU: Never be shy about being yourself. As they say in this whole wide world there is only one YOU, so why to feel shy about being you? Be yourself unapologetically. You know yourself the best and you know your weaknesses as well. Work on them but don’t fear them. The more you pretend to be someone else or try to fit yourself in other’s perceptions you will never gain that confidence. Be yourself, Love yourself only then you will get that confidence.

3. Never limit yourself from trying: Trying something new can open a whole new horizon for you. Even you yourself don’t know the results of trying something new, so please do not limit yourself from TRYING. Instead of thinking “What worst can happen?” Think about “What best can happen?” (This is taught by my Mentor Saloni Shrivastava.) And try for that. Think about the good things, the best things, and just try it. There is always something good that can happen while trying. And when you try even if you don’t get anything in return you learn, And learning something is never a waste.

4. Self-talk sessions: Who says only mad people talk to themselves? You must do a self-talk every now and then, Write out the things that are in your mind, write about the fears that you have, write about your weaknesses and all the negativity that you feel about yourself in a diary, and then look for the solutions, this way you can take out all that negativity from yourself and make a way for all the positivity. Believe it or not, Self-Talk sessions are super important.

5. Express yourself unapologetically: Nowadays everyone uses social media for every possible thing. Some people use it just to kill time and some use it for business growth, you can use these platforms to express yourself, express about the work you do, the expertise that you have. And you can create a personal brand. With this, you will meet some amazing new people, creators, people like you, people whom you can relate to. This will boost your confidence when you will inspire others through your work. Express on the right platform in the right way. So As I said earlier, Confidence is something that allows you to make mistakes and learn from it and grow even higher. Try these 5 points for a week, trust me you will feel a lot more better about yourself. These formulas are tried and tested. It will help you to achieve your dream life, I am living mine and trying to help others so that they can live theirs. Hope that made some sense. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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