6 Business ideas, that will make you a successful freelancer in today’s world

Want to start something that can actually pay you for your skills? Are you looking for something that will give you the freedom of your schedule and location? Do you want to give up on your 9-5 life and start building a dream life for you? Well, I can’t blame you. Let’s accept one fact that we all love freedom, especially when it comes to freedom of work, It is the best. So that’s why here I am with 6 Business ideas, that will make you a successful freelancer in today’s world. Since the day I quit my job, and I am working for myself, I am the happiest. I work at my own pace and I work on the things that I love the most. Sometimes working for good 10 hours also never felt like work, And looking at today’s scenario, having a side income, or starting something of your own is a must. While creating content continuously I realised one thing there are many people, Who want to start something of their own, Who want to be their own boss, but somehow they are not getting the ideas or the first direction. So here I am with these 6 Business ideas, that will make you a successful freelancer in today’s world. First of all, I want to clear one thing here, Online business is not easy. It is not a cakewalk, and it takes a lot of time and efforts to build a business, just like a physical business. You have to constantly make an effort to build your personal brand on your social media platforms, You have to create valuable content, no matter what is your niche, And you have to constantly update your version just like your laptop or phone, So with that disclaimer, we can move ahead now. Sharing a few business ideas that you can start now :

1. Freelance Content Writer: As I am one of them, I can assure you that if you take constant efforts you can surely make a good amount of money out of it. Content is the king nowadays, people are searching for good content writers for their businesses to grow on Social Media platforms. To become a successful content writer, you need a passion for writing, Basic Writing Skills, and Communication and Networking skills. Any business will only work if you network properly. You need to follow these steps. 1. Create your portfolio, With some of your classy work examples. 2. Start writing on your own blog, share it on your each and every social media platform. 3. Start creating content, valuable content on Instagram, You can generate leads from there as well. Start networking with like-minded people, Help people through your content. Put out your best quality content. 4. Be a part of some good and effective Facebook groups and start networking. You will get some good leads from there as well. Facebook Groups are a major place where you can find clients. 5. Work on your skills, Make sure you do some courses regarding your niche. Like I did a few months back, I opted for a HustlePost Academy course by Saloni Shrivastava a famous youtuber, and it helped me a lot. 6. Constantly make an effort to work towards your dream life, Write as much as you can, write on diffrent subjects, Be versatile yet stick to your basic niche. These are the basics of becoming a successful contnet writer. For that you need to know the basics like how to draft a professional Email, How much you should charge and how can you solve a problem that your client has. Content writing is vast field, the more you dig into it the more detailed it gets. But as a freelance content writer you can surely make your dream salary. (More than 50K) surely.

2. Digital Marketing : You won’t believe, people are making lakhs of money from this niche. Digital Marketing, Social Media Management or Social media Marketing is in thing nowadays, as people want to grow their businesses on Social Media, but they don’t know how to do it. According to one research India is the second largest Digital Market where 560 Million people are the active users of Social Media paltforms. If you learn Digital Marketing Skills, and build your personal brand around it, You can earn a 6 figure amount, which is still a dream for many people. Coach Roota mittal, Instagram growth expert Tejal Chopra are the great examples. Who are making money out of it and helping thousands of people to grow on social media. For this you need : 1. Basic Social Media Knowledge. 2. Digital Marketing Skills. 3. Communication Skills. 4. Networking Skills. 5. Consistency and passion towards social media. If you are a non social media person, Or a person who finds instagram and facebook annoying, Then you might think again about this idea.

3. Virtual Assistant: If you are good at administrative work, and you can organise things well, you can maintain things well then this idea is for you. There are so many busy startup owners and Young entrepreneurs, who want to increase their business but they can’t as they can not manage everything on their own. So they need an assistant who can work remotely with them and organize their stuff like, answering to their mails, coordinating their team meetings, Keeping a record of their files and so on. You have to spend atleast 2-3 hours of a day for one Client and they pay you a good amount. For starting out you can start from small businesses, and create your business out of it. and they pay you a good amount. For starting out you can start from small businesses, and create your business out of it. For this you need : 1. Super organized personality. 2. Good admin skills. 3. Communication skills. 4. Punctuality. 5. Basic Time management. If you are a student and want to start out in this business field, VA is a good option for you.

4. Online Project Manager: There are so many companies that are looking for some freelance online project managers. The major role of the project manager is to get the things done. If you have a previous experience in Project management, you can opt for this. You can take projects on a freelance basis and make sure that you keep track of that project, and help the company to complete their project and tasks related to that project on time. Online project managers are not so common in India, but slowly things are changing. So you can surely create a busniess out of it, and start your journey as a freelance online project manager. For this you need : 1. Organizing skills. 2. Punctuality. 3. Previous Project management Experience is always a win win. 4. Build your protfolio. Show your experience there. A project manager makes a good amount of money. Only you need a little patience to reach there. Once you are there there is no looking back.

5. Canva Designer: Nowadays people who don’t know anything about graphic designing can also create some amazing graphics, Canva is one app that is a savior for many content creators. But anyone can not use canva, you need to have a proper hand on it. Even if it is an easy job, you need to work on it and become comfortable with it. There are so many content creators, Entrepreneurs and startup owners who are looking for canva designers for their social media. Canva is really handy when it comes to designing infographics and Instagram posts. So If you have interest in designing and you are good at using Canva you can consider this. You can club your this service with your social media management services and offer a proper package. Since Canva has more than a million users creating more than 437,000 designs each week, it provides a pretty big potential market. For this you need : 1. Basic hand on Canva Software. 2. Basic aptitude for designing and color sense. 3. Creativity.

6. Online Coach: This is the biggest business idea, which can give you your dream life. If you have knowledge regarding a particular field. Share it with people through your online course. Design a proper course, and then Publish it on platforms like Thinkific, or you can start with Skillshare and Udemy as well. Online Coaching field is increasing day by day in India, and all over the world. It is going to be a billion dollar industry. So why not launch your own online course and teach people a particular skill. For this you need : 1. Your Active Social Media Presence. 2. A Basic established personal brand. 3. Designed course material regarding a particular niche. 4. Basic knowledge of how these platforms work. There are N numbers of Business ideas that I can suggest to you, but these are the most profitable ones. You can earn your dream income, Live your dream life with your hard earned money. You just need to work on it with your 100% and put in a lot of efforts. Also patience is the key. To become a successful business woman/businessman you need to have a good social media presence nowadays. So think about it, decide your niche and start working towards it. Your dream life is waiting for you. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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