6 Reasons why ‘Personal Branding’ is a must for your online business

When we talk about online business, the first thing that comes in our mind is an active online presence of the person who is running the business. To run a successful business in today’s times, you need to have a personal brand. Which will ensure to project you as an expert of that niche.

So when we talk about Instagram growth one name comes in our mind that is Venessa Lau, or If we talk about online marketing business, Roota Mittal is the name that comes first. Why? Because they have a strong brand value, which projects them as an expert in their field. Similarly, if you are someone who is just starting out, building your personal brand is a MUST. and here are these 6 reasons why. Before starting out, we need to keep one thing in mind that personal brand does not mean constantly just promoting your business and work because it is termed as SPAM. You are not here to spam others, but to provide value. So make sure when you develop your personal brand to provide tons of free value so that you can build trust for your name and share genuine content. Only then people will come to you to buy your products, if you just tell them to buy they won’t buy it, if you give them reasons to buy your products or services, they will be more than happy to take it. With that let’s start why Personal Branding is the need of the hour ? :

1. It helps to build a community which trusts you: In June 2020 Saloni Shrivastava, a famous YouTuber and a businesswoman launched her academy, ‘HustlePost Academy’ which helps millennials to convert their passion into their fulltime profession in the span of one year. Where she talks about starting your side hustle and be your own boss. In the span of 3 months, she made 1 crore INR and helped more than 1200 students around the globe. How did she do it? Her hard work, her knowledge were the major reasons ofcourse, but she couldn’t have achieved it without having 300K subscriber base on Youtube and more than 48K following base on Instagram. She built her brand value in the span of 3 years and hence she made this online business successful. Her following is increasing day by day, all because of her brand value because she provides tons of free valuable content on her social media platforms. It is an example which shows why building a community, creating trust amongst your online family is a must to run a successful online business.

2. It helps you to stand out from the crowd: Personal branding insures that you will stand out from the crowd. You will have a dedicated audience for your social media, who will come to your profile each day, to check out what did you post today. It will make sure that you will attract even new followers to come to your profile so that they can get huge value from your content. Personal branding works for you, so that you can convert your followers into your clients. If you do it, you will surely get good results. Let’s look at one more example, Tarini Tripathi is famous fitness coach. She post her videos, and so much valuable content on her instagram profile, where you can learn basic yoga or you can get information about her workout routines etc. Now how I got to know about it? Obviously because of her personal branding. So when you decide to showcase your work in front of the world and work on it strategically, it will surely benefit you for your business.

3. It leads to new opportunities : Now when people know about your expertise, they look up to you, and hence there are so many opportunities that comes in your way. So when someone knows that if Saloni Shrivasatava is launching another course or a new digital product, obviously they would want to buy it, because they have trust in her. In that way many brands would want to collaborate with you, Many content creators would want to collaborate with you, you will get so many new clients all because of your community, which will say good things about you. Personal Branding helps you to get in touch with new people, which eventually increases your business.

4. It drives more traffic to your social media platforms : As I mentioned it arrears that because of your personal branding you develop a community, which will market for you in a way that no other marketing strategy can do. Their mouth publicity will make other new people to come on your profile and check out your content, and if they get convinced they will buy your products too. It always starts from personal branding. You work on your personal branding and your community will build, eventually they will bring new faces to your social media platforms, and then these people will bring some other new people and with that your following will increase. So I this way new traffic will come on your social media platform and you can grow rapidly.

5. It builds genuine connections : Always remember you are not doing this just for the sake of money or fame. Even if you want to convert your followers into your clients, you will not be able to do it, if you donot make some genuine connections with your followers. Your followers will never ever believe in you if you don’t go and have an interaction with them or listen to them or won’t engage with them. For personal branding to work, your engagement and connection with your audience is a MUST. And your personal branding helps you to create those connections, it will make sure that your audience will come on the comment section or they will share your content, with that you can interact with them, talk to them and listen to them so that you will know your audience better. Kabita’s Kitchen is a famous Youtube channel. Her best quality is, she tries to reply her followers on her Instagram as much as she can, and she talks with them casually as if she is talking to her friends, I liked that fact because it makes you to relate to that person more.

6. It is a major confidence booster : Personal branding introduce you to a whole new world, where everyone knows you all because of your work, that gives you a sense of responsibility and a satisfying feeling that you are doing something better, and you are helping others through your work. This feeling of satisfaction is unmatchable and it boosts your confidence to work better, to help more and more people and to be more productive each single day. You will feel guilty if you don’t produce some good work, or if you miss your deadlines, because you know your community is watching you, that’s why you work better, and that gives you more and more confidence. Here we need to remember one thing, that building a brand is not a joke. You have to spend a good amount of time to create valuable content, to make genuine connections and to design the look and feel of your social media platforms,. It requires a lot of patience and hardwork. You will face so many hardships in the beginning but again I will say it is all worth. Because the perks that you get with this online Personal Branding, you will not get anywhere else. Make sure you work a lot on building your brand value. Make sure that you never compromise with the quality of your content and make sure that you do all these things not to show off yourself but to provide value and help others. Build your brand with peace of mind, and a happy heart. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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