Not getting enough leads through Social Media? Try this 3 step method :

Hey..! How are you? I know it’s been a long time that we have chatted like this. But better late than never right? So today I have something for you all. In my Dm’s I have received a lot of queries regarding lead generation. One thing I saw is that freelancers are struggling in generating leads through their social media, especially Instagram, and there can be various reasons for the same. Today I would like to tell you the reason for poor lead generation and my unique 3 step method for the same. So without wasting further time, let me tell you the major 3 reasons for not generating good leads through your Social Media : 1. No clarity about your niche: I would like to ask you this question, are you clear about in which niche you want to deliver your services? Let me rephrase the question, do you have a crystal clear idea about in which area you want to work? I had this particular conversation with one of the 1:1 clients. She is an SMM and she wanted to help small businesses and coaches but was unclear about what sort of small businesses and coaches she wanted to help. Then we brainstormed a little more and after a lot of discussions, we came to a point that she wanted to work with health coaches and health and wellness-related small businesses and bang on before we had our next session she was already working with a client who is a health coach. You see..! Getting clarity helps you a lot to decide the further procedure. So my suggestion would be to discuss with an expert and first and foremost find out your niche and decide where you want to work.

2. No clarity about your ideal client: Now that you know your niche you need to understand who your ideal client is, accordingly you can create a content strategy for your business, that will attract your ideal client, and then you can convert them into the paid ones. Right? But for that having clarity about your ideal client should be your utmost priority. For that in my coaching sessions, we have this “Know your client” session where we sit down together and create an ideal client avatar or persona for my client. We dig as deeper as we can to understand who can be the ideal client for their businesses? Their lifestyles, marital status, their educational background, you name it we have everything there in our “Dream Client” document. This process will help you a lot to understand : - Who your ideal client is? - Where do they hang out? - What are their aspirations? - What could be their expectations from you? This study will help you to prepare yourself better, and find the right client on the right platform. 3. No consistency in lead generation: Lead generation can be a tiring process. It can drain out your energy. Because you will have to constantly work on creating valuable content with a strategy on your business account to attract your ideal client, as well as you have to follow an outbound strategy to reach out to your ideal client. This is a double process, so it needs a lot of dedication, time, and effort. You literally have to push yourself every day to outreach, talk to 100s of people online so that you can convert 10 from them. Freelancing is no easy money. It requires a lot of patience and effort . So lack of consistency can be harmful for your lead generation process.

These could be the 3 major reasons because of which you are not getting enough and quality clients for your business. Now let’s talk about the solution : I have this 3 step method which will make sure you will have a pipeline of clients every single month, also you can verify if they are a good fit for your business or not : Step no. 1: Inbound strategy: To get more inbound leads, work on the first 2 points I have mentioned above. Get clear about your niche and ideal client, and accordingly create a content strategy for you that will attract your ideal client. For that you need to : - Have a story content strategy: Get on your stories and in a generic way talk to your ideal clients, show them social proof of your business, talk about their pain points, show them you're behind the scenes of business, share quality content that will generate the trust factor among your audience. - Be ready to get into the TRENDS zone. Showing up on videos, creating reels will be “No choice” for you. You need to break your comfort zone wall and come out of it. You have to “BE THERE” for your business. - Create posts and reels that have value: Create valuable, trust-generating posts for your audience, by which they will feel irresistible in investing in you. Step 2: Outbound Strategy: You can never depend upon the inbound leads, you have to go out there and talk about your business, reach out to people and have conversations. So for outbound strategy : 1. FB Groups: Create storytelling indirect content which will speak for your skillset on targeted Facebook groups. These groups will be a game-changer for you. You won’t believe but my 18-year-old student cracked a 1500$ deal all because of her right content on these FB groups. Again you need to be consistent. Just replying to job opportunities won’t give you the work. Here is the list of FB groups that will be beneficial for you.

Facebook group list (1)
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2. Linkedin: Think about the dream agency or company you want to work for, search their name on the search bar of the Linkedin website, go to people on the company page, and connect with the concerned person. Have a conversation with them, the conversation should be to the point because unlike Instagram here only business people and professional people will talk to you, they have no time for nonsense or another random chit-chat. Build connection, set up a call, and convert a client. Again Consistency should be the topmost priority. You can follow me here for more valuable content on Linkedin

Step3: DM strategy on Instagram: Go to the large account in your niche, find out your ideal audience through their comments section and DM them with a personalized message, to break the ice. This will be the best for Coaches. I got 15+ leads last month with this strategy for my coaching business. :

For Example : Hey Kelly, I hope you are doing well, just now I saw your comment on the XYZ reel, I can completely understand. Creating a portfolio can be a daunting task, especially when you are just starting out. But I can help you here. Make sure you have these 6 things in your portfolio : 1. Your full information 2. What do you do (Information about your services) 3. I help statement (Who do you help) 4. Samples of your work 5. Testimonials, and social proofs that can show your abilities. 6. Your contact details. I hope this will help you. You can create your portfolio on Wix or WordPress or even on Canva. See you soon. This will generate trust. Help them genuinely, and see they will come back to you. This was just an example you can tweak the message according to your niche and services. So I hope this blog was helpful for you to understand where you must be lacking in generating quality leads, or what you can do better to get more leads. Try this out and do let me know if you find this helpful. I will be waiting for your DM on my Instagram. Follow me here to get more value. I am sure you will build your dream business and live your dream life. See you next week, till then, Take Care.

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