Social Media Content strategy 8 Step Guide for you

Having a Social Media Content strategy can solve your so many problems and will give you many benefits to grow your personal brand. As they say, Social Media is like a sport. It is Competetive, It needs consistent efforts and it needs a lot of planning. So if you have a perfect strategy you can win any match or you can perform your best at least. Similarly, if you have the best Social Media Content strategy in place, your half work is done. Be it any business, be it any personal brand, Content Strategy is something that is the key to reach to heights of your Social Media success. Now the question is how to build the Social Media Content strategy? How to make it effective? How to keep the process easy yet impactful? There are 8 easy steps with which you can create an effective Social Media Content strategy. This is my tried and tested formula. So I would like you all to believe in this formula. So let’s begin with it :

Step 1 - Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Many people must have told you this. Yet it is so so important so this will be our first point. Setting goals is the first step for any strategy. Because without goals what would you achieve? So What are the S.M.A.R.T. Goals? S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Relevant T: Time-Bound Your expectations from your own social media platforms will define these goals. - Set Specific goals for your social media platforms, like you will post 4 posts a week or you will post 2 videos a week or something like that. Your goals should be specific because according to that you are going to create content for your social media platforms. - Then they should be Measurable. You can’t just say I will be super active on my social media platforms this month. You have to measure it. Like 5 posts a week or so. - Then they should be Attainable. You just can’t say you will post 10 videos in one week, Yes they are measurable but they are not attainable, Because practically you can’t. So yes you have to make sure that you set some attainable goals. - Then your goals must be Relevant, Irrelevant posts, Irrelevant content, Strategy will never work for your social media, So you have to make sure that your goals are relevant. - And they have to be Time-bound otherwise you will never be able to achieve them. So when we talk about SMART goals. This can be the best example : “ I will post 4 videos in one month regarding my niche ” Your goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Goals are the stepping stone of your Social Media Strategy.

Step 2 - Learn everything about your audience: Without knowing your targeted audience how you will be able to create content? If you don’t know for whom you are creating content, how your content will reach out to the targeted people? So before making the content strategy, Know your audience better. Ask them a few questions, Use your Instagram stories for it. Make a google form and circulate it on your WhatsApp status, on Emails and Facebook, and Instagram as well. Know the answers, and then decide what kind of content you will make for your social media platforms. Always remember only your audience will take you to the heights of success.

Step 3 - Understand your competition: After knowing your targeted audience, your competition comes in the picture. Know and observe what kind of content they are creating, What is working for them, What strategies they are applying. If it is about Instagram know that what kind of hashtags they are using, what kind of designs they are making. Observe it. And try to implement strategies according to your audience. Always make sure you never copy anyone and you don’t steal their content as it is. Just know and watch out their content and then decide yours.

Step 4: Do a deep study of your Social Media account: This is one of the important steps. Make sure that you must deep check your own social media account. Look and check is your Name, Username, Bio, Description, Website, all in place or not. Do you have a specific color associated with your brand or not, that will be the color of your designs especially for Instagram. Check if your Display picture is correct or not, check if everything is in place or not. These are the small things but they play a big role when it comes to growing your own brand on Social Media.

Step 5: Improve your profile and Start creating value: After a deep check, you will notice some issues here and there. Improve them, Change a few things according to the deep check, and then you are ready for creating value on your social media platforms. Start creating value regarding your niche. Share a lot of information. Start creating infographics on Canva. Start creating a lot of value, because your audience is following you so that they will get value from you. Just jump in the battleground. Your valuable content is your Sword and Shield. Just go ahead with valuable content.

Step 6: Start planning your content for the entire week / Month: On the first day of every month and then week Start planning for the month/week. Block your calendar, Block your time. Set your content according to the special days, Some special offers, Givwayas, Regular posts, and keeping everything in mind. Batch create your content as you don’t need to stress for it every day. Schedule your batch created content well in advance. Keep everything handy and ready. This way you will have to spend a maximum of 2-3 days at the start of the month. But you will be sorted for the next 27/28 days. It will be super helpful. Make a habit of this. At least start planning about the topics and content ideas in the first 2-3 days of the month. Trust me batch creating content is super super helpful.

Step 7: Start Engaging with your audience: When we talk about content strategy, it does not only mean to create content as a post or stories or videos but to engage with people as well. Your audience will start commenting on your content, will start sending you DM’s will share your content. Engage with them, listen to them, take suggestions from them, and update yourself. Your content will only work out when you start engaging with your audience on Social Media. Engagement is a must.

Step 8: Always update your strategy: After doing all the things, remember always keep a check on your audience, your social media profiles, your planning, your content creation process, and everything and update it on need basis or every now and then, It will help you to stay updated and relevant all the time. These are the 8 steps that will help you to create amazing content on your social media profiles. And people will be more than happy to follow you for the value that you are creating. Always remember your social media platforms will speak about you more than you yourself will do, and for that content matters the most if you follow all these steps, you will surely ace this content creation game. Happy Creating Content :) - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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