Start your freelancing journey and GET PAID for your writing skills !!!

No, It is not a spammy article that will suggest doing some fraudulent things and will give you the false dreams to earn a 7 figure amount in a few days. In this article, I would like to talk about the freelance content writing industry and how you can start your journey and eventually achieve your dream life. They say CONTENT is the king. And the scenario that we are seeing today suggests the same. Things and Industries are changing super rapidly nowadays. Thanks to this Corona and Lockdown, Industries are understanding the value of Digital platforms and “Work From Home” culture. Earlier people used to believe that if you are working from home, you aren’t working at all. But thankfully now the situation is changing and so as this belief. So this is the time when you can start your freelance content writing journey and actually get paid for your writing skills. Content writing is a process of Planning, Writing, Editing, and Publishing content, especially for Digital Platforms. Years ago people would not consider Content Writing as a full-time profession and income source for them, but today Digital Platforms are the game-changer, and almost every business is using these platforms to post content related to their businesses, and that opens up huge opportunities for all the budding content writers. There are so many myths about this industry that you have to be perfect regarding the language, you need to be pro at artistic writings or you need to be a grammar freak, But these all are myths and all you need is : 1. The understanding of Digital Platforms. 2. Empathy to connect with your audience. 3. Creativity to present your content in a beautiful way. 4. Simplicity in your language. 5. Top-notch research skills.

And Most importantly 6. Passion for writing. If you have these 6 things you surely can be an amazing content writer and can start your business as soon as possible. So let’s assume that you have all these things and you want to start your business, What are the things you have to keep in mind?

1. Find your Niche: It is the stepping stone of your content writing journey. There are so many fields where you can use your content writing skills Ex: Education, Technical writing, Medical blogs / Websites, Automobile industry, Health and fitness, Lifestyle and entertainment, and so on. You have to understand what is your expertise and in which field you can perform the best. After knowing this you can decide what is your niche and accordingly, you can create your portfolio.

2. Market Research: Nothing comes easy, And starting your business is definitely not. You have to do a lot of homework. You have to read a lot of blogs, articles, website content and so on, to understand the need of the market. And once you do it, you will know exactly how you have to create your writing samples. Understanding the market is a really really important aspect of starting any business. And when it is content writing, there are many aspects that you have to consider. After deciding your niche, Do proper market research and then actually start with your journey.

3. Create a kickass Portfolio: To start with, one thing that you need the most is your portfolio. A web portfolio where you can speak about your content writing services, and where you can showcase your work. Nowadays you don’t have to invest in a web developer to create a simple yet attractive portfolio. and WordPress are the platforms where you can create a beautiful portfolio according to your need, you can customize accordingly, and just get started with it. By the way, the article that is your reading right now is published on a platform exactly like that. You can go to the home page and check out the entire portfolio. Your portfolio must include : A. Your introduction (In a very creative way) B. Information regarding your services. C. Your work samples (Previous Work) D. Your Blog (Its a must for a content writer to have his/her own bog) E. Your contact details F. Your good quality pictures. While approaching clients, your portfolio will do the half work for you, So if your portfolio at up to the mark, clients will come to you. 4. Create writing samples: Creating a writing sample is an essential part of your freelance journey. When your potential clients approach you, you must be ready with at least 4-5 samples of different content areas. Like blog posts, Copywriting posts, Email Marketing content, website and landing page content, Youtube description content, and so on. When you are ready with these samples you convince your potential clients that you have done your homework and you are really serious about your work, it creates a trust and loyalty, which is a major factor of your business.

5. Networking: Last but not at all the least factor is NETWORKING. It plays a major role in getting good and high paying clients. Gone are the days when you could get business only with the word of mouth or from the people you know. Now you have to really make an effort to get clients through your networking. For that, you have to create a personal brand on your social media. You have to consistently create content related to your niche on your social media, and that content has to be valuable. You have to start engaging with like-minded people, and people related to your field. You have to make optimum use of platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Showcase your work on public platforms fearlessly, and engage with as many creators as you can. This way people will come to know about your work and they would be more than happy to work with you.

Try to get testimonials from your clients, and then publish them on your portfolio. It will create a positive impression of yours and you will be able to reach out to more and more high paying clients. These are the few basic steps that you have to keep in mind. So stop your procrastinating mind, Start working on yourself. Get done with all the requirements, and in no time you will land with your first client. Trust me I started the same way, and I am really happy that I took that first step. So All the best to all the content writers, content creators for their upcoming businesses. I am sure if I could do it, so can you !!!

- Niharika Pole Sarwate

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