W4SC Method of Monthly Content Planning. Have you ever heard about it?

Have you ever struggled with completing your everyday tasks? Or after starting your week have you ever been clueless about what to do? If you are a blogger or a Youtuber or any kind of Content Creator, have you ever struggled with what to post next? Or what will be the next topic for your videos? If yes, then don’t feel alone, I am with you too. I used to feel the same few months back. I used to feel all over the place about my content creation game. And I used to struggle a lot in maintaining the consistency for my writings, especially for the blogs. But no more now !!!! I have the best formula for you with which you can plan your entire month in lesser time. I.E W4SC Method... I realized the importance of “Monthly Content Planning.” So I created this formula for myself. And it worked for me. First of all, why Monthly Content Planning is important?

Being a content creator it is a huge responsibility to be consistent with your content creation. And when you have to create content on various platforms like Instagram, Blog, Youtube, Linkedin and Facebook it takes a lot of your energy and efforts. So if you don’t know the topics on which you want to create your Content, you waste your half of the time in searching for those topics, then research about the same and then write down or shoot them. So if you want to create quality content your monthly planning will always come in handy for you. A) If you plan: Things well in advance, invest your a day or so in proper planning it will save your next 5-10 or more hours of the entire month, Isn’t is the fair deal? B) If you do not plan: You won’t be able to create quality content, You will never be satisfied with your work, You will Struggle a lot in deciding the topics, researching on the same and creating actual content. Better way plan in advance and then work ahead. That’s why I always vouch for planning. Now the question is how to plan your content well in advance? Follow my very own W4SC Method - Step 1 W: In this step, all you have to do is, sit down on the 29th or 30th of the month and Write Down everything that is there in your mind. Here W stands for “Write Down”. Dump down everything in your diary. You will get some unusual ideas as well. Just Write. Make your diary your best friend.

Step 2 4: Here you need to create 4 Lists. 1. Your long article content ideas. 2. Instagram Post Ideas. 3.Long Video Ideas. 4. Short Video Ideas.

Put all your ideas in these 4 categories. Choose topics for each in a large number, keeping in mind that you are planning content for all the 30 days. As you may post one video per week, or 20 Insta posts per month or 5 blogs per month or so. Just keep some extra ideas in hand. So if one will not work out you may try the other one. These 4 lists will keep everything sorted for you. You can do this procedure digitally as well, or on a huge whiteboard but always prefer pen and paper for the first draft of your content planning. Step 3 S: Here S stands for Segregation. Segregate all the Ideas into these 4 lists. Where you will know which topic you want to cover under the First list that is long articles, Which topic will be the video content topic. And so on!! This way you will have all the ideas divided into concerning lists. This will help you to get the clarity that how many Videos you want to create in one month, How many blogs are you going to write for the entire month, How many Instagram posts you will have, How many LinkedIn blogs you will post and Also If you see the 4th list that speaks about Short video Ideas. You can create Insta reels with the same, and they are equally important. So you will be sorted after segregating these ideas into correct lists. Step 4 C: Here C stands for Calendar. Now according to the next month’s calendar put all these ideas week wise. For instance. In the first week

Tuesday | Date - 01/09/2020 | Instagram Post: How to plan monthly content.

Wednesday | Date - 02/09/2020 | Blog Post: 5 Tips to increase your productivity

Thursday | Date - 03/09/2020 | Instagram Reels: 4 best tools for social media growth

Friday | Date 04/09/2020 | Youtube Video: Work routine VLOG

And so on.. This way you can create your own document for the entire month. You can use this method for multiple platforms as well as a single platform like Instagram where you can post Long posts, Short posts, Long IGTV videos and Short Reel videos as well. Here you can create a separate document for only Instagram as well. Where you will put your content ideas weekly like shown above.

So this was the W4SC method. This works best for Multiple Social Media Platforms content planning. If you find this useful. Do let me know in the comments section below. Do try this one.

Will meet next week, Till then, Take care. - Niharika Pole Sarwate

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