Want to increase your productivity? Here is the secret !!!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The lockdown situation is really taking a toll on our productivity. It is very much difficult to stay productive all the time. At least most days of the week. Yet it is an essential thing for all of us to grow in our everyday work or a side hustle or even our day to day house chores. Productivity is something that is the need of the hour. Many many times we feel we have worked so hard today and when we look back we feel️ we haven’t done anything big. So to deal with this issue one thing that is a must is “Learning tricks to be more productive”.

These 5 habits will help you to stay more productive. These are tried and tested once. Just like the art of appreciation and the art of happiness, The art of being more productive is also not rocket science. You can surely achieve your goals if you try these things.

1. Plan ahead: It is highly recommended to plan for your entire month, then a week and then day. So if you are a content writer or copywriter create a content calendar for yourself. Work on it, Follow it. Similarly, others can also create a calendar for planning. Make Google Calendar your best friend. It does help. Planning may take your few hours, or a day, But once you do it, you are sorted. Blocking your time and day will give you lots of clarity about what you have to do and when you have to do. Planning always helps. 

2. Tackle the hardest task first: Have you ever heard “Eat the frog” Method? Mark Twain once said that if you “Eat a live frog” in the morning nothing worse than that could happen with you. Here eating a frog means doing the hardest thing first. So majorly we are high on energy at the beginning of the work, Be it a Month, A week or a day. So we must use this high energy to solve the hardest or the longest task first, And after that, we can solve the small or the easy ones. This way you will be able to solve your own problem with less hassle. 


3. Avoid Distractions: Distractions, any kind of distractions are bad for your overall growth. Be it unnecessary phone calls, More time on Netflix, constant mobile pings, or anything. If it is distracting you or diverting your attention just stay away from any such thing, To maintain and increase your productivity. Majorly all the smartphones have this feature (At least the new ones) called “Digital Wellbeing”, in settings. Go to that feature and activate your “Focus Mode”. In this way, you can block the apps for a time being which distracts you the most, be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or Ludo King. Try this feature on your phone it will help you. 

4. Take small breaks: Your mind needs to breathe, so as your body. You must take small breaks in between your tasks. It helps you to focus more, Think better, and to be more creative. It helps you to boost your concentration, memory, and creativity. It is always good to give some time to your mind, to function better. otherwise, you will waste more than that time because of less concentration and focus. 

5. Take compulsory 8 hours sleep: A good sleep is the major secret of high productivity. Your mind needs rest and proper rest. To work more and to work better, a well-rested body and mind are essential. Basically, a night of good sleep leads to a happy mood, a fresh mind, and lots of creative ideas. So take good 8 hours of sleep. It really helps. 

These are few tips and hacks with which you can surely increase your productivity, and by practicing them regularly you will surely master the art of being “Productive”. What are your ways to keep your productivity high? Do let us know in the comments section below. And if you never tried any, start implementing these small things and see how your life transforms. - Niharika P. Sarwate 

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